how much does a laptop screen repair cost in south africa

How Much Does A Laptop Screen Repair Cost In South Africa?

In 2024, if you are anywhere in South Africa and the screen on your laptop is broken, you most likely want to know how much it costs to repair. The price of repairing a laptop screen may differ by quite a few factors: brand, model of the laptop, type of screen, and where you get the repair done. Here’s an in-depth breakdown of what you can expect to pay. But in general, the cost of a laptop screen repair in South Africa ranges from ZAR 1,500 to ZAR 10,000, depending on the laptop’s brand, screen type, and service provider. Budget models are cheaper, while high-end or specialized screens can cost more.


Average Laptop Screen Replacement Cost

Based on the current market trends and data from several repair shops across South Africa, here is a rough idea of what you might expect to pay for a laptop screen replacement in 2024:

Budget Laptops

For budget laptops like Acer, Asus, or the lowest range HP and Dell models, the prices are mainly in the ZAR 1,500 to ZAR 3,000 range. These are both parts and labour.

Mid-Range Laptops

The Mid-range laptops from Lenovo, middle-range HP, or Dell models cost between ZAR 2,500 and ZAR 5,000 for screen repairs.

High-End Laptops

High-end laptops, such as MacBooks or gaming laptops from Alienware or Razer, usually come at a much more expensive price. Repairs for these screens range from ZAR 5 000 to ZAR 10 000 and sometimes even more on the higher models or special screen types.


Laptop LCD Screen Repair Cost

Laptop LCD screen repair costs around ZAR 1,500 to ZAR 5,000. The cost depends on the brand and model of the laptop; the budget ones are on the low side, while premium or high-resolution screens are more expensive.


Dell Laptop Screen Repair Cost

Dell laptop screen repair costs range from ZAR 2,500 to ZAR 7,000. Of course, as usual, the final cost will depend on the model and what screen is installed on the laptop. Larger and higher models bring a higher repair cost.


HP Laptop Screen Repair Cost

HP laptop screen repair costs could be anything between ZAR 2,000 and ZAR 6,000. The cost, though, might differ considerably based on the type of screen and the model.


Lenovo Laptop Screen Repair Cost

Lenovo Laptop screen repair costs range from ZAR 2,000 up to ZAR 6,500. It depends on the model and kind of high-end screen considered, inclusive of touch screens that are usually high-priced.


Acer Laptop Screen Repair Cost

Acer laptop screen repair costs range between ZAR 1,500 and ZAR 4,000. This depends on the model and type of screen involved in the process; the higher end, as far as touchscreen models go, usually costs much more for repairs.


Factors Influencing the Costs

Laptop Brand and Model

Different brands and models have different repair costs. For instance, premium brands like Apple or high-end models from Dell or HP are usually more expensive to repair than budget brands.

Screen Type

Concerning the screen type, this is yet another major determinant of the cost of the repair. Standard LCD screens are far less expensive compared to high-resolution Retina displays or touchscreens.

Warranty Status

If your laptop is still under warranty, and the damage is covered by the warranty, then you might need to pay a small fee or nothing at all. However, in most instances, accidental damage is not covered; therefore, it requires out-of-pocket expenses.

Repair Service Provider

Authorized service centres can be expensive, but in most cases, they have quality parts and equally quality service. Independent repair shops can be inexpensive, but most differ in quality and reliability.

Availability of Parts

Availability of replacement parts also impacts cost. For older models or less common brands, it will be hard to get the parts at good prices.



The cost of repairs to a laptop screen in South Africa is different based on several factors, which include the brand of the laptop, the type of screen fitted, and where one chooses to have it repaired. So, set aside anything from ZAR 1,500 to ZAR 10,000, depending on your specs. Comparing quotes and warranty options is, therefore, critical in effectively managing repair costs. Speak to us today about how we can help by calling 0861 628 638.

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