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Effortless Cloud Usage with Enhanced Security

Our cloud services in Durban leverage industry-specific experience and cybersecurity expertise to deliver the advantages of cloud computing without introducing additional risks or complications.


Security is our #1 priority

At Matnet Technologies, we prioritize the preservation of security even as we embrace the convenience offered by the cloud. As Durban businesses transition to cloud-based solutions, they encounter novel cybersecurity obstacles. Therefore, security forms the foundation of every decision we make. We stay vigilant about emerging threats to offer proactive IT solutions that enhance productivity while ensuring the security of your business.

Simplifying the process of cloud computing

Matnet Technologies simplifies information by dividing it into easily manageable portions. Consider the cloud as a virtual collection of servers situated off-site, providing a platform to host and store your company’s documents and data. Simultaneously, it grants your employees effortless access to essential business applications. The cloud ensures dependable accessibility for day-to-day work, regardless of the location, requiring only an internet connection and secure login credentials for your users.

Cloud Services for Today’s Business - and Tomorrow’s Office

Productivity & Efficiency
The cloud facilitates streamlined collaboration, enabling both office-based and field-based employees to participate in a presentation simultaneously and collaborate on the same document in real-time. Furthermore, distributed teams can fulfill their tasks asynchronously, even across different time zones.
Better Preparedness
Cloud computing relies on storing data offsite and implementing regular and redundant backups, which simplifies the recovery process in the aftermath of both manmade and natural disasters. This approach also helps mitigate the adverse effects of disruptions that may impact the physical office.
Access Management
The era of solely relying on physical office doors to safeguard sensitive files is a thing of the past. Leveraging the power of the cloud, Matnet Technologies can employ intelligent permission controls to monitor user access to sensitive data, ensuring robust file protection.
Choosing the appropriate cloud solution can be a daunting task. However, Matnet Technologies offers design-and-build services tailored to your business needs, ensuring a solution that is perfectly suited to your requirements. Furthermore, these services are designed to be easily scalable, allowing you to adjust capacity and resources based on usage and budgetary considerations.
Cost-Effective Computing
Achieve cost savings by transitioning away from expensive on-premises server hardware. This shift eliminates the need for costly lifecycle replacements, minimizes disruptions caused by software licensing and upgrading issues, and provides greater flexibility in terms of staffing.
Increased Mobility
By leveraging cloud-based computing solutions from Matnet Technologies, information becomes readily accessible at all times, regardless of the device being used or the time zone involved. This seamless accessibility enables support for hybrid, mobile, and remote work environments. (18)

In-depth analysis of your business needs

Before migrating to the cloud, Matnet Technologies collaborates with clients to identify their unique goals and business objectives. The most prevalent objectives typically involve enhancing document access and collaboration, optimizing remote or hybrid work capabilities, and minimizing overall hardware expenses.
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Cloud Solutions in Durban

Streamline access to applications by synchronizing users, utilizing identity management to import user attributes and ensure a seamless user experience.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a cloud computing model that operates on a pay-as-you-go basis, allowing for the provision of on-demand server instances.

Enable your users to effortlessly access, modify, and collaborate on their files from any device and location.

Enhance your business operations by freeing up your systems, allowing you to bridge the gap between business demand and IT capacity. This enables improved functionality and efficiency within your organization.

Pay for exactly the amount you need

The process of procuring cloud solutions can be intricate. Determining the most performant cloud servers, identifying the appropriate storage capacity, and deciding on the optimal pricing model, such as per user or otherwise, can present challenges. At Matnet Technologies, we specialize in finding the ideal solution tailored to your business, ensuring you avoid the potential pitfalls and high costs associated with cloud complications.
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Additional resources are just a call or text away

Before venturing into the cloud, it is essential to have a dependable partner by your side. Matnet Technologies offers comprehensive assistance throughout the entire cloud migration process. This includes meticulous planning to prevent downtime and minimize disruptions, conducting thorough risk assessments, and facilitating streamlined education and training for your employees.
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