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Defend your organization against the increasing surge of cyber threats using established cyber security services in Durban. 


Multi-layered security solutions

Cyberattacks manifest in various ways, spanning from infected emails to compromised admin accounts. Consequently, your defenses must be layered to ensure that if one layer fails to detect an attack, another layer can swiftly identify and intercept it. Our comprehensive security checklist outlines 15 recommended security strategies to fortify your defenses against such threats.

24/7 security monitoring

Our suggested security solutions are supported by our Security Operations Center (SOC), which remains operational round the clock. The SOC's primary role is to detect potential security threats and collaborate with your Matnet team to promptly assess and resolve issues through triage and remediation processes.

Expert Cyber Security Consultants in Durban

Email Security
To ensure optimal security for your team’s email, the most effective approach is to prevent infected emails from reaching their inbox altogether.
DNS FIltering
The internet is filled with numerous malicious websites and an abundance of links leading to such sites.
Phishing Protection
Phishing attacks persistently pose a threat, requiring an equally resolute and unwavering response to counter these risks.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Safeguard your business data and systems from hackers wielding stolen credentials by implementing multiple forms of identification, ensuring that only authorized users are granted access.

Endpoint Detection and Response
Safeguard the devices connected to your network by implementing automated monitoring that detects malware on computers and mobile devices, and isolates infected systems through quarantine measures.
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) scrutinizes activities from various sources to deliver real-time visibility into potential security threats.
Security Awareness Training
User-friendly security training programs ensure that your staff remains well-versed in cybersecurity. We provide regularly updated content and convenient online training options, complemented by comprehensive reporting features that empower you to effectively manage your security training program.
Encryption safeguards data and devices by rendering them readable only upon providing the accurate username, password, PIN, or biometric login credentials.
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Integrating policy and device management throughout your business enables secure access to your cloud services.
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