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VPN Services Durban

You are here because you are amongst the lucky few to be living in a city, which is experiencing fibre optic Internet rollouts. As a Durban resident, this must be quite good news for you. You are looking for supreme quality VPN services in Durban, and we are going to help you with that.

We Offer Express VPN Services

With fibre optic, you must have enjoyed 1Gbps download and upload speeds at the same time. But you are probably wary about the impact of VPN on the health of your connection. Under such circumstances, you can talk to our experts, who can give you the details about how Matnet can prevent VPN from slowing down your connection. Our VPN services guarantee complete online security without reducing the speed.

Unlike cable broadband Internet or DSL services that depend completely on the traditional cable or phone lines, fibre Internet Durban requires the installation of completely new infrastructure. We are aware of the requisites and can make way for a fast-paced web connection.

Our professionals directly wire from the street to homes and apartments that want to utilise the fibre optic. We make sure that every time you log in, you can surf the Internet without worrying that you are being spied on and also get your work done at an appropriate speed. We offer VPN service over our reliable fibre-optic connections.

Communicate with us our efficient VPN services in Durban.