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Matnet is widely recognized for its bundle of professional data recovery services for Durban businesses of all sizes. Our growing list of clients relies on us for the purpose of data retrieval during events like crashes and sudden data losses. As seasoned professionals offering data recovery in Durban, we can recover lost and deleted data from all forms of physical data storage units, including all types of SD cards, PC drives, RAID drives, notebook drives, hard drive, flash drives, all types of SD cards and SSD drives.

Our professionals are equipped with secure and sophisticated data recovery tools and incorporate advanced methods to get back your data. We are also known for our reliable and versatile services for data backup in Durban, which helps our clients stay protected in case of major data loss disasters. Some of the fundamental backup approaches we follow for our client’s data include local backups, remote backups, and air-gap backups.

Whether you have lost data in your internal drives, USB flash disks, memory cards, or memory sticks, prices vary based on the complexity of recovering your data.

In Durban, the data recovery fee are as follows:

Data Recovery ServiceCost
Flash Drives (smaller media) From R500
Software Recovery (deleted data / lost partitions / accidental)From R1200
Hardware RecoveryMore complex (clicking / head damage / not spinning) From R2250
RAID Recovery(business data / server data recovery)From R5500
(Un-tampered drives)NO Booking Fee

Drive recovery is a complex undertaking – whilst we endeavor to keep pricing as low as possible – final quotation will depend on sophistication of individual case or materialistic requirements.

Losing important data can be a significant setback to an individual or a company. It can lead to substantial losses in terms of revenue or work hours. In this regard, there are several ways in which data can be recovered, these include;

  • Recovery from cleared folders
  • Recovery from formatted drive
  • Recovery from files that are not easily detected
  • Recovery from the legacy drive

It is possible to retrieve data from a corrupted hard drive. It is recommended to avoid using the hard drive once data loss has happened to ensure an entire hard drive data recovery process. This will prevent unwanted overwriting of data on your hard drive that has been erased or lost.

A complex drive data retrieval software is required to recover data from a corrupted hard drive. If you have a crashed hard drive but cannot access it at all, you may need to seek professional assistance to avoid further system damage.

If your hard drive does not boot, you will be unable to access the operating system. As a result, installed programs, personal data, games, and everything else on the hard disk may be lost. It’s not a big deal to access a hard disk without an operating system unless it’s dying, dead, or entirely damaged beyond repair, as long as you discover the correct solution.

However, if your drive has logical issues, you can usually fix them yourself with a little outside aid. The most important thing is to try to get a computer to read your hard disk so you can restore your data.

Finding a respectable and well-established data recovery company might be challenging. In this case, consider pricing and the company’s age. Regrettably, data recovery is prohibitively expensive. It may entail physical drive parts replacement, platter transplantation, logical analysis and repair at the system level, and other complicated processes.

Any data recovery company that claims to be able to undertake any recovery for a few Rands is lying. Consider the labor costs, the purchase of damaged parts, or the several transplants that may be required. Always think about the companies’ prices and how long they’ve been in business.

Unfortunately, since each scenario is unique, no specific period is attached to the data retrieval process. Hardware quality, drive size, availability of donor parts, drive performance after repair, and the type of service required by the customer are some aspects to consider that affect the total timing of the data recovery.

In most cases, data recovery takes two to five days. The time it takes to recover data, on the other hand, varies depending on the issue. After a technician examines the problem and diagnoses it, you will have a clearer idea of how long it will take to retrieve your data.

data recovery durban

We Recover

Data From

internal hard drive data recovery

Internal Hard Drives (SATA & IDE) 2.5" & 3.5"

ssd hard drive data recovery

SSD Hard Drives / All Kinds Of Solid State Disks

External Hard Drives 2.5" & 3.5" USB 1, 2 & 3

sd memory card data recovery

SD Memory Cards Used In Cameras / Mobile Phones

USB Flash Disks / Floppy Disk and All kind of USB

compact flash cards data recovery

Compact Flash Cards / All Kinds Of Card

Memory Stick & Memory Stick Pro/Duo

Our Durban Data Recovery Services

Regardless of the nature and volume of your data, we are adequately positioned to offer the best possible backup solutions. Our prompt and dependable solutions for data backup in Durban ensure continued operational productivity for businesses even in cases of data loss. We can backup your data on advanced cloud servers which are protected with encrypted security. As experts in backup and data recovery services in Durban, our backup solutions also ensure instant access to your business-critical data.

Get in touch to know more regarding our backup and recovery offerings. We also provide services to Durban , Hillcrest, Umhlanga, Durban North, Kloof, Pinetown, Ballito, and the greater KwaZulu-Natal province.

We Get Your Data Back

Recovery of deleted files and folders

Folder Data recovor from a formatted drive

Files recover from a device not detected

Legacy device files and folders recovery

Seamless Data Backup Solutions

Access to Your Files from Anywhere
Provided that company data is backed up in the cloud, it should be easily accessible to your employees at any time and from any device. This accessibility, however, is subject to secure permissions being in place to ensure appropriate access and protect the data.
On-Premises Disaster Recovery
In the event of cyberattacks, natural disasters, or employee errors, it is essential to expedite the recovery process by restoring your complete IT infrastructure.
Hacker Prevention
Regularly executing data backups is the most effective approach to safeguarding against ransomware and other infections. By doing so, the negative impacts of hacks and cyberattacks can be significantly mitigated.
Monthly Backup Testing
The quality of your backups depends on the most recent tested restore. Our platforms ensure that backups are validated for integrity, providing you with the assurance that you can swiftly recover in the event of a disaster.
Automatic Cloud Infrastructure
As businesses transition from strictly on-premises data storage to cloud-based solutions, it becomes crucial to ensure that their information is protected, secure, compliant with regulations, and encrypted.
Human-Error-Related Tasks or Functions
By implementing automated data backups, your business can be safeguarded against various risks such as accidental deletion, device loss, and even spills of coffee.
Disaster Recovery Services
A dependable data backup system shields your business from the detrimental effects of hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, floods, blizzards, and other weather-related natural disasters.
Cloud File Backup
Ensure the security of your data by employing continuous file copying and storing your information securely, while also facilitating convenient data retrieval from the cloud.

Keep sensitive
information safe

Matnet Technologies constructs a well-defined storage hierarchy for your data based on its level of criticality. This involves combining on-site servers with secure cloud solutions to ensure a comprehensive and efficient data storage approach.
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Mix and Match Different Solutions

Guarantee the security of your data by implementing seamless file replication, secure storage, and effortless retrieval of your data from the cloud.

Protect your entire IT infrastructure by enabling rapid recovery in case of cyberattacks, natural disasters, or employee errors, ensuring its safeguarding.

The efficacy of your backups hinges on the most recently tested restore. Our platforms verify the integrity of your backups, providing assurance for a speedy recovery in case of a disaster.

Avoid the risk of critical business information loss by taking proactive measures. Implementing a disaster recovery plan allows you to swiftly restore normal operations without any unnecessary delay.

Expert backup monitoring

While the "set it and forget it" approach is convenient, it is essential to supplement it with comprehensive backup reporting from a trustworthy partner and ongoing monitoring to proactively receive backup alerts.

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Shafraz Thor
Shafraz Thor
Excellent Service ,Friendly staff who know their products.Always polite and willing to help . Highly recommend to anyone looking for affordable and good quality service.
ismat seedat
ismat seedat
Matnet has been extremely wonderful to our company. Their service is absolutely spot on and their team is always ready to assist with our needs. For sure a 5 star rating.
Matt Hutton
Matt Hutton
About a year late with the review,but better late than never .Awesome and friendly staff .Very helpful and quick ,service was excellent. Kept me updated and followed up again a few weeks later.
Sphesihle Nxumalo
Sphesihle Nxumalo
Thank you Matnet Technologies for always going over and beyond when providing us with your services. Your efficiency, professionalism and passion will never go unnoticed. The entire team ensures that our organisation's tech infrastructure is always excellent. Keep up the amazing work!
Warren James
Warren James
I've always had good experiences with Matnet. Keep it up guys!!!
Uveen Panday
Uveen Panday
Excellent service. Laptop repair done quickly and professionally
Farzana Mohamed
Farzana Mohamed
Had an awesome experience with matnet. Thank you so much for helping recover my PhD research. Saved my life and years of hardwork! Data recovery itself took a day after 4 days of testing/assessment (which, in retrospect was fine since recovery takes over a week at some other places), staff was professional and always polite. Krithika was a pleasure to deal with. I find that only the communication aspect could have been improved since majority of the communication was initiated by myself even though the service provider promised to call at certain times but never did. This however could be due to being busy since they have a broad client base, amongst other things. Thank you Matnet!
Bradley Kuppusamy
Bradley Kuppusamy
A bit late with the review but thank you Matnet for the awesome service .You went over and above what I asked for and was extremely helpful.Definitely recommend you guys !
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