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Matnet Solutions offering Computer repairs & IT solutions in Durban Providing fast & efficient IT support in Durban Widest range of network & computer products Network solution that is customized to your business environment

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Whether it is a basic Peer network setup, or a network with multiple forests domains. Matnet Solutions will provide a computer network setup that is customized and tailored to your preferences. From the consultancy stage thru to post implementation computer network setup. Matnet Solutions will always ensure that your business function and purpose is the core of our design.


Matnet Solutions has affiliated itself with all the major network cable suppliers in Durban. Our long-standing and strong relationship with these network cable companies allows us to bring to you the highest quality products. From Fibre Technology to a CAT6 network cable Installation, a five-meter fly-lead to cabling a three-story building, Matnet Solutions will deliver the highest quality computer network setup service and all at the right Price.

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